How to Hangout

Google+ Hangouts let us chat with up to 9 other individuals. Typically, on Canadian Mortgage Hangout we invite one or two guests to allow ample time for all participants to interact within the 15-25 minute live broadcast.

Getting Setup to Join a Canadian Mortgage Hangout

If you’re a scheduled guest for a Canadian Mortgage Hangout we recommend before you join us for the first time, that you follow the steps below prior to the day of the broadcast:

1. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a Google+ Account. If you have a Google or Gmail account already you can access Google+ with the same login. Having a Google+ account allows us to invite you the day of the Hangout and mention you on the Canadian Mortgage Hangout Google+ Page.

2. Ensure your computer meets the Google Hangout system requirements to make sure you’re using a supported browser and operating system, and that your processor and bandwidth are sufficient (a wired connection as opposed to Wi-Fi is recommended). We also recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome for best Hangout results.

3. Download and install the latest version of the Google Talk plugin.

4. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your webcam if you are using a standalone webcam. If you have an Apple laptop or desktop with a built in camera you don’t have to worry about driver updates.

5. Webcams don’t work well in low light situations. For the best quality Hangout, make sure you’re in a well lit room from a light source that’s coming from behind your camera. Try to avoid any bright windows or joining the Hangout from a public location with too much background distraction.

6. Use a head set. This will allow you to hear the Hangout better and also prevents any feedback during the live broadcast. Headphones with a built in microphone aren’t required but definitely recommended. We also ask all participants to mute their microphone when not speaking during the live hangout to obtain better quality sound during the broadcast. Simply click the microphone button at the top of the hangout window to mute/unmute your microphone.

7. The day of the Hangout you will be sent an invite about 1/2 hour before the scheduled 10am PST/1pm EST start time. We ask that you join a minimum of 10 minutes before the scheduled episode start. We spend a few minutes before we go live to ensure everything is working correctly for all participants so you’ll have plenty of time to correct things if there is technical difficulties. If a hangout isn’t performing well on your system, we recommend closing down all unnecessary programs running in the background.

Sometimes you may also want to try restarting your computer if there is still a bad connection. If this is needed we’ll be sure to invite you back into the Hangout. Just remember we may be live when you re-connect.

8. We appreciate if you pass along your participation in Canadian Mortgage Hangout to your sphere of influence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. prior to the live broadcast. This helps spread the word and increases the live viewers to the Hangout. The live broadcast is posted on our homepage and we ask that you share the following link:

If you are Tweeting about the Canadian Mortgage Hangout the Twitter Hashtag is #cmhTV

If you have questions or concerns prior to your scheduled Canadian Mortgage Hangout don’t hesitate to contact us to answer any of your questions. We look forward to having you join us on Canadian Mortgage Hangout TV!