Canadian Mortgage Hangout Jan.17th, 2013

Join us live at 10am PST / 1pm EST for this weeks Canadian Mortgage Hangout.

About Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson is a Mortgage Professional based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Since the start of his career Scott has used Social Media to build his personal brand awareness and establish relationships with clients & referral sources. Scott is also well respected for his knowledge within the the mortgage industry and has been featured in Canadian Mortgage Broker News, Canadian Living, Moneyville, MoneySense Magazine and The Toronto Star. You can also find him on and Twitter.
  • Jason Dodd

    Sorry dropping in late. I wish I could compress this but I think our existing monolines need to stop complaining about our cost on the broker channel. Now is the time our monolines need to familiarize Canadians with their brand. Just having a website and doing a few announcements on facebook or Twitter is not enough. Consumer surveys and general discussions with clients show the branding of our monolines is not sufficient. As a broker I expect to get paid well because I am selling merits of the lender and also defending it against objections of it not being the bank. Clients would be more open to a lender that has a bigger presence in the mind and eyes of Canadians. I see a major monoline lender posting their blog on facebook/twitter talking about watching another lender leave the channel. They will be next if they don’t start making bigger steps to get their product to market. We as brokers can sell the merits of these lenders and make it happen but we are limited in are overall exposure. Why aren’t our lender partners trying to make a bigger impact in the public eye? When you guys were not in the industry did you hear about monolines or different lenders? Likely not and that is a familiar theme with clients. I get that question all the time, who is this lender you are talking about I have never heard of them. To me that is a disconnect. While lending options are shrinking it should be GO TIME for lenders and they should be bulking up advertising and email space to get the word out on their brand/product. Subsequently this would serve as advertisement for brokers. So much positive can come from this as if Merix gets direct interest perhaps they can filter this to their more valued Broker partners and keep more business in the Monoline mix.

  • Jason Dodd

    Oh ya Jackson. Different topic but I need to talk to you later as I need a Realtor referral in Saskatoon. Thanks everyone. This topic is very important and hope we can talk about it more in subsequent hangouts. Have a great day.