Canadian Mortgage Hangout July 19th, 2012

On this weeks Canadian Mortgage Hangout Jackson Middleton (@KiltedBroker), Rob Campbell (@therobcampbell, Gord McCallum (@GordMcCallum) and Scott Dawson (@sdd) are joined by Conrad De Jong (@Conrad_DeJong) chat about consumer debt, bank customer dissatisfaction and competition in the mortgage market.

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About Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson is a Mortgage Professional based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Since the start of his career Scott has used Social Media to build his personal brand awareness and establish relationships with clients & referral sources. Scott is also well respected for his knowledge within the the mortgage industry and has been featured in Canadian Mortgage Broker News, Canadian Living, Moneyville, MoneySense Magazine and The Toronto Star. You can also find him on and Twitter.
  • Jason Dodd

    High turnover of Branch employees. Shortage of experienced staff. Banks have growing pains with good staff. Experienced staff move on to more specialized roles and the direct reps at the branch level are weak and don’t recognize opportunity. Brokers need to preach experience and expertise and specialization in home financing

    • Jackson Middleton

      Alright, I completely agree with you – I don’t want to pile on the banks here (although its no secret I don’t like them at all) but I think this isn’t a problem isolated within banks, my guess is that the quality of the entire workforce in general is losing public opinion. Entry level jobs across the board are suffering and I guess people just expect more from their banks. You are absolutely right in the fact that as brokers it is our job to educate and encourage people to seek out experienced professionals.

    • Gord McCallum

      This is true, but the same *could* be said of brokers – particularly if people are choosing those that haven’t been around long. This is an area of debate for sure about the barriers to entry in our industry. If it’s too easy, you get too much turnover and potentially fewer quality brokers.